Recent Developments

Jacaranda Build Competence and Confidence in Health Providers through Centralized EmONC Training

Over the last few weeks, Jacaranda's Mentorship team have been busy running three centralized trainings in emergency obstetric and newborn care (EmONC) as part of a wider randomized control trial determining the effectiveness of their package of solutions on patient and provider outcomes. Through practical application of classroom learning, nurses from twenty facilities are now better equipped to offer mums dignified, competent emergency care. 

Held across Kisi, Meru, and Kajiado Counties, the trainings helped build not only competence, but also confidence, with mentors learning the principles of respectful care, bereavement support, and a roster of new communications skills - both when talking to the mums they care for and reporting on their condition. Uniting providers across disciplines, levels, facilities, and counties, these trainings typify Jacaranda's innovative mentorship model; blending vibrant discussion, theory, and practical simulation of emergency scenarios to help address common bottlenecks to quality care provision across thirteen counties in Kenya. Here's the full story...