Recent Developments

Penda are jumping to the future of healthcare with new medical centres, tech enabled visits, a Whatsapp chatbot, and phone outreach as they prepare to deliver the COVID-19vaccine

As thousands of families continue to trust Penda with their healthcare needs, the first three months of 2021 have been Penda's best ever as they opened their 20th medical center in Rongai, with  #21 opening in Ngong and #22 in Kawangware soon!

Currently, 50% of Penda patient visits are tech-enabled, and they plan to scale this to 90% by the end of the year. What does this mean, and why is it important? A tech-enabled visit is one that is supported by clinical decision support tools – sometimes diagnosis support and sometimes treatment support. For instance, all of Penda's antenatal care visits are supported by interactive checklists ensuring that providers are checking for all of the danger signs that may indicate a high-risk pregnancy. And for those who may be diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, they are making sure that it is easy to prescribe the right molecule to ensure they get better quickly.

Last month, Penda deployed an automated WhatsApp chatbot to open up another channel of patient engagement. Patients can now chat with them via WhatsApp and get all their health matters sorted at the comfort of their homes! To try it out, follow this link:

Penda have over 12,000 call center interactions each month. Patients call them for medical consultations, general information, and even drug delivery. Penda call patients to make sure they’re getting better and are staying on schedule with recommended visits, like antenatal care and vaccinations. 

Thanks to COVAX, the vaccine has arrived in Kenya. Penda are working to position themselves to deliver the Covid-19 vaccine to vulnerable populations. See this article by their Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rob, outlining Penda’s commitment to rapid, effective, and equitable vaccine distribution.