Recent Developments

Over 500,000 women have enrolled in Jacaranda's PROMPTS initiative!

In Kenya over 33% of the maternal deaths are caused by delays in seeking care. Mothers need to be empowered to seek care at the right time and place. Since its inception in 2017, Jacaranda's PROMPTS’ team has been working tirelessly to reach as many mothers and families as possible to equip them with tips and information that will help them to seek care during and after their pregnancy journey, and their SMS platform has now reached over 500,000 mothers! They are active in 11 counties and still continuing, including 7 of Kenya’s top 10 most densely populated counties that account for more than 40% of the births in Kenya.

Using PROMPTS has improved quality of care by driving a 20% increase in mothers seeking antenatal care at government hospitals, mothers are twice as likely to take up family planning during the postpartum period, and 83% of mothers who are asked to seek additional care go to the hospital.