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Jacaranda Designing for Impact: How To Remain Equitable and Relevant for Mums - at Scale

If Jacaranda have learnt one thing through COVID-19, it's the power of accurate information and the threat of its absence. When it comes to maternal and newborn health, information is the lynchpin to mums seeking care at the right time and place, helping them recognize signs that they or their baby may be at risk. But how do they maintain the relevance and impact of the information they share with mums as they grow? 

Jacaranda recognize that every mum is different. Some mums use basic phones, others smartphones. They speak different languages, and have varied needs depending on, say, their age, educational level, stage of pregnancy, or location, which is why they rigorously and routinely adapt the messages they send mums through PROMPTS - their AI-enabled digital health tool - to make sure lifesaving information around pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum is inclusive and easily understood. This month Jacaranda sent their 50 millionth message. The figure is an encouraging benchmark of their current capacity and demand but as they expand, their priority is always that quantity does not replace quality, and mums continue to receive timely, clinically-accurate messages tailored to their needs. The tangible impact they've seen so far in shifting health seeking behaviors is testament to this approach; women on the platform are 27% more likely to seek prenatal care and uptake of family planning has doubled. As Jacaranda test and adapt their messages, they commit to equity and relevance to ensure they continue to place mothers at the center of design.  Read the full story here.