Recent Developments

Exciting times at TIST as they launch their Uganda Education Fund supporting apprenticeships, and at the first Cluster Servants Seminar in 2 years!

TIST Uganda held their Cluster Servants Seminar with all 76 Cluster Servants and 5 administrative staff attending to discuss:

  1. Technical challenges
  2. Learning Centre:  Members completed many courses and won Certificates of Achievements to celebrate their learning.  This is ongoing and they continue to win certificates for themselves.
  3. Importance of filling weekly surveys to learn how the Cluster Servants are serving the TIST Farmers
  4. Solutions for challenges faced due to the pandemic
  5. Best Practices developed
  6. Profit share payments
  7. Achievements since each member joined the program and areas for improvement

With Ugandan schools being closed for 2 years, the longest school shutdown in the world, TIST Uganda have launched their Education Fund and sponsored 13  of their farmers children who through injury and changes in family circumstances were no longer able to afford school fees, and otherwise would not be able to receive an education.

Full details can be found here.  And here