Recent Developments

'Morale boosting' TIST changing lives in Uganda!

All year, TIST have witnessed dedication, patience, and generosity throughout their community.  As the pandemic extended into its second year, the TIST Farmers looked beyond individual needs and focused on the wider community - and the truth of the old adage "It takes a village" has never been more apparent.  

TIST Farmer Modi Joseph of Uganda shares this collaborative mindset, observing that the TIST Program “has really improved our lives here within our village.”  As a community, they now have energy saving stoves, access to firewood, and a more reliable food supply.  As an individual, he now has access to medicine and his own food supply because of the variety of species he has planted.  Since 2019, Mr. Modi's Small Group, Nekoyedde Tukole D, has planted 990 trees. 

By participating in TIST Cluster Meetings, he has not only learned about energy saving stove construction, but also transplanting, pruning, and grove management.  These meetings facilitate farmer-to-farmer learning and benefit the wide network of TIST participants.  Modi Joseph sums it up well: “This project has changed our lives.”  Learn more about Joseph's story here.