Recent Developments

Jacaranda celebrate reaching 1 million expectant and new mothers with their AI-enabled digital health tool, PROMPTS!

This year started with a milestone for Jacaranda who enrolled 1 million mothers and empowered them with information through PROMPTS. Their two-way helpdesk service now responds to thousands of messages from mothers every day, and innovations to the AI-powered technology supporting PROMPTS means they are able to identify and refer urgent cases to care in minutes.

Jacaranda apply a data-driven approach to identifying danger signs and referring mothers at risk of adverse outcomes to care at the right time and place. Through PROMPTS data, they've identified a number of key insights to more quickly and intuitively put mothers in need on the appropriate care pathway.  Increasing a woman’s ability to make and act on decisions related to her health is pivotal for improved health outcomes. The data and feedback Jacaranda collect from women on the platform is also giving them agency within the health system.   Jacaranda share feedback via ‘scorecards’ with their network of 1,000+ partner facilities and 20 local county governments, ensuring mums receive better quality of care from providers and are served by systems responsive to their needs.  

As Jacaranda secure greater buy-in from local governments, expand their technology infrastructure, and grow their team in Kenya, they're working with national and private sector partners to make PROMPTS a national digital health solution that equitably supports mothers across different contexts and circumstances. 

PROMPTS is featured as part of a wider commission report produced by The Lancet and Financial Times exploring the interface of digital and health transformations, and the use of artificial intelligence to accelerate progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC). 

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