Recent Developments

Jacaranda's Momentous Milestones!

Over 500,000 mothers and families reached through PROMPTS!

In Kenya over 33% of the maternal deaths are caused by delays in seeking care. Mothers need to be empowered to seek care at the right time and place. Since 2017, the PROMPTS team has been working hand-in-hand with county government teams to reach as many moms and families as possible, to equip them with tips and information to increase care-seeking during and after pregnancy. This year we crossed the milestone of half a million mothers on PROMPTS. PROMPTS has driven a 20% increase in mothers seeking antenatal care at government hospitals, mothers are twice as likely to take up family planning during the postpartum period, and 83% of mothers who are asked to seek additional care go to the hospital. County governments have begun to share in the costs of PROMPTS.


15 Number of counties enrolled since 2017

357 In-facility mentors trained under EMONC Mentorship Program

25 MILLION Messages sent to Mums since 2017

580 Facilities enrolled since 2018

527,333 PROMPTS Enrollments to date

127,765 Enrollments in Q2, 2021