Recent Developments

EfD funding successfully supports Jacaranda Health initiatives to foster relationships with the Ministry, strengthening Government partnerships to scale programs to national level.

Jacaranda Health introduces EMONC Mentorship Drills to Division of Reproductive and Maternal Health under Ministry of Health

Jacaranda Health hosted a workshop in April with the Ministry of Health team led by Head of Department of Family Health Dr. Bashir and Head of Division of Reproductive and Maternal Health, Dr. Kaliti. The objective of the workshop was to inform the design of the National EmONC Mentorship Package that is currently under development. Jacaranda Health provided an overview of their EmONC Mentorship program, and in particular how Jacaranda has incorporated simulation drills and other exercises into facility-based mentorship. This is one of the initiatives by the Jacaranda Health team to foster relationships with the Ministry as well as strengthen partnerships with the government to scale up programs to reach national level.  EfD are delighted that their grant funding has been so effective in supporting the key roles crucial for Jacaranda Health to be able to successfully expand government partnerships and navigate their sustainability goal of increasing government contribution of program costs for nurse mentorships.

How DELTA is helping providers learn life saving knowledge rapidly and effectively.

DELTA (Digital EmONC Learning and Training Assistant) is now reaching providers across Jacaranda partner counties. Now, a busy nurse in a maternity ward can easily access important ‘bite-sized’ content via her phone. She is taken through case scenarios and her understanding of their material is tested on the spot. DELTA has been used by almost 300 providers in less than three months, with incredibly promising results. Providers are completing modules at a rapid pace, with average post-test scores of 92%! In addition, they can receive continuing professional development (CPD) points for their participation.